Yaba 1-C, Nightclub

We were posed with a brief to redesign an existing building into a Nightclub. Our design solution firstly was to define the floors in appropriate zones according to the client’s brief. The ground floor was redesigned to a guest house while the upper floor was reserved for clubbing activities and a karaoke lounge on the open terrace; each having separate entrances.

The architecture of the exterior combines modern styles and materials such as overhanging pergolas and aluminum cladding walls, leaving the refurbished structure to stand out unique and timeless.

The interior spaces were thoughtfully designed to incorporate features that best suit its particular usage, being clubbing and lodging exclusively.

Private Client
Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Project Type:
Commercial (Entertainment and Leisure)
Project Team:
MA Spaces


Club Exterior & Open Terrace


Manager's office


Reception and Lobby to Rooms

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